Question: What Stage Of The Dtm Is Laos?

Which countries are in Stage 3 of DTM?

As such, Stage 3 is often viewed as a marker of significant development. Examples of Stage 3 countries are Botswana, Colombia, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates, just to name a few.

Which countries are in stage 4 of the DTM?

Examples of countries in Stage 4 of the Demographic Transition are Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Brazil, most of Europe, Singapore, South Korea, and the U.S.

Who is in stage 5 of the DTM?

Possible examples of Stage 5 countries are Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Japan, Portugal and Ukraine. According to the DTM each of these countries should have negative population growth but this has not necessarily been the case.

What happens in stage 2 in DTM?

Stage 2 of the Demographic Transition Model ( DTM ) is characterized by a rapid decrease in a country’s death rate while the birth rate remains high. As such, the total population of a country in Stage 2 will rise because births outnumber deaths, not because the birth rate is rising.

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What stage has the highest NIR?

Stage five has the highest death rates because the population is older. This leads to a negative NIR.

What happens in stage 4 of the DTM?

Stage 4: Total population is high and growing slowly. It is balanced by a low birth rate (15 per 1,000) and a low death rate (12 per 1,000). Contraception is widely available and there is a social desire to have smaller families.

What country is most likely to be in stage 4 population growth?

China is most likely to be in stage 4 of population growth with a low birth rate and a low death rate. This answer has been confirmed as correct and helpful.

Why is Japan in stage 5 of the DTM?

Japan is in the fifth stage of the demographic transition model meaning that their birth rate is decreasing, their death rate is low and their rate of natural increase is negative.

Which countries are in Stage 1 of the DTM?

At stage 1 the birth and death rates are both high. So the population remains low and stable. Places in the Amazon, Brazil and rural communities of Bangladesh would be at this stage.

Is Russia in stage 5 of the DTM?

Russia does not seem to fit in any of the DTM stages. It does not have the qualities of stage 1, high birth rates and death rates. If this was true it means Stage 5 would have low birth rates and increasing death rates.

Is Germany in stage 5 of the DTM?

Germany is currently in the theoretical stage 5 of the demographic transition model because the birth rates fall below the death rates causing the population not to naturally replace itself.

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What are the reasons that death rates decline in Stage 2?

In stage two, that of a developing country, the death rates drop quickly due to improvements in food supply and sanitation, which increase life expectancies and reduce disease.

What stage of the DTM is Israel in?

Stage in the DTM: Israel is in stage 2 of the demographic transition model. Stage 2 is characterized by high birth rate, rapidly declining death rate and a high natural increase rate; these characteristics coincide with Israel’s high fertility rate, longevity and population increase.

What DTM stage is Egypt in 2020?

Egypt is in stage three of the Demographic Transition meaning that the death rates are low but the birth rates are still high making the total population also high.

What caused MDCs to move from Stage 1 to Stage 2 in the demographic transition model?

What caused MDCs to move from stage 1 to stage 2 in the demographic transition model? The birth rate was very high and the death rates declined because there was a medical revolution. 36. Why is rapid population growth in LDCs significant to the future world’s population?

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