Question: How Did The Uss Coral Sea Support Ground Forces In Vietnam And Laos 1969-1970?

What happened to the USS Coral Sea?

The ship, also known as “Ageless Warrior” was eventually adopted as “San Francisco’s Own.” After nearly 15 years in the Bay Area, the ship returned to Norfolk, Virginia for repairs in 1983. Then in 1990, USS Coral Sea was decommissioned by the U.S. Navy.

Was the USS Coral Sea in Vietnam?

USS CORAL SEA continued WestPac/Vietnam deployments until 1975. She deployed from 29 July 1966 to 23 February 1967; 26 July 1967 to 6 April 1968; 7 September 1968 to 15 April 1969; 23 September 1969 to 1 July 1970; 12 November 1971 to 17 July 1972; 9 March 1973 to 8 November; and from 5 December 1974 to 2 July 1975.

Is the USS Coral Sea still active?

About USS Coral Sea The Midway-Class It was commissioned by the U.S. Navy soon after the end of World War II, in October 1947. The vessel had a notable length of service, and remained in active duty for over forty years. This earned it the nickname “Ageless Warrior” before finally being decommissioned in 1990.

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Was the USS Coral Sea exposed to Agent Orange?

He asserts that he was exposed to Agent Orange during service aboard the USS CORAL SEA (CVA 43). He asserts that as a result of this exposure he developed porphyria cutanea tarda. Presumptive service connection for these disorders as a result of Agent Orange exposure is warranted if the requirements of Sec.

What does BB mean for Battleship?

B: Battleship (pre-1920) BB: Battleship. BBG: Battleship, guided missile or arsenal ship (theoretical only, never assigned) CAG: Cruiser, heavy, guided missile (retired) CB: Large cruiser (retired)

What was the largest aircraft carrier in ww2?

Japanese aircraft carrier Shinano. Shinano (信濃) was an aircraft carrier built by the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) during World War II, the largest such built up to that time.

When was the USS Coral Sea in Vietnam?

Coral Sea, Midway, Hancock, Enterprise, and Okinawa responded on 19 April 1975 to the waters off South Vietnam when North Vietnam overran two-thirds of South Vietnam. On 29–30 April 1975, Operation Frequent Wind was carried out by Seventh Fleet forces.

Was the USS Kitty Hawk in Vietnam?

Kitty Hawk did six tours in Vietnam between 1963 and 1976 and was the first aircraft carrier ever to be awarded a Presidential Unit Citation. The award, the unit equivalent of the Navy Cross, was presented by President Lyndon B. 20, 1968, to the ship and Carrier Air Wing 11.

Where is the USS John F Kennedy?

Kennedy was officially decommissioned on 1 August 2007. She is berthed at the NAVSEA Inactive Ships On-site Maintenance facility in Philadelphia, formerly the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, and, until late 2017, was available for donation as a museum and memorial to a qualified organization.

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What was the number of the USS Coral Sea?

Coral Sea CV 43 (Aircraft Carrier) Coral Sea, named for the World War II sea battle which was the first in history in which the contending fleets never were in sight of each other, was a Midway class aircraft carrier which served the United States through five decades.

How long is the USS Coral Sea?

During its operation, the Settlement Fund distributed a total of $197 million in cash payments to members of the class in the United States. Of the 105,000 claims received by the Payment Program, approximately 52,000 Vietnam Veterans or their survivors received cash payments which averaged about $3,800 each.

What are Blue Water Vietnam veterans?

“Blue Water” Veterans are those who served offshore of the Republic of Vietnam, including 12-nautical miles seaward of a line commencing on the southwestern demarcation line of the waters of Vietnam and Cambodia and intersecting coordinates as described in the law.

What ships were used in the Vietnam War?

Pages in category “Vietnam War auxiliary ships of the United States”

  • Cimarron-class oiler (1939)
  • Fulton-class submarine tender.
  • Haven-class hospital ship.
  • Kilauea-class ammunition ship.
  • Mars-class combat stores ship.
  • Patapsco-class gasoline tanker.
  • Saipan-class aircraft carrier.
  • Suribachi-class ammunition ship.

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