Often asked: On On Hawaii Five-o Who Died So That They Had To Go To Laos?

Does Chin Ho Kelly died in Season 7?

Before the winter break, we watched with broken hearts as Chin Ho Kelly sacrificed himself to save his niece’s life. It was brutal to watch as Chin promised his niece they would see each other again; a promise he wasn’t sure he would be able to keep.

What happened to Wo Fat Face on Hawaii Five O?

As they find the crash site, a wounded Wo Fat shoots at them, only hitting Chin in his vest and shooting out one of Savannah’s cameramen’s camera before they stumble upon him to show that he has sustained severe burns on one side of his face from the crash and begs McGarrett to kill him, but he doesn’t and he arrested

How did Steve McGarrett meet Catherine?

Character information Lieutenant Catherine “Cath” Rollins, USN (Rtd.) is the on-off lover of Steve McGarrett. How or when they met is never fully explained, but it has been implied that they have known each for a long time. It has also been implied that they met during their time at the Naval Academy.

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What happened to Chin Ho Kelly’s wife?

She was left to bleed to death on the kitchen floor for Chin to find. In the Season 3 premiere episode, La O Na Makuahine, paramedics tried to save Malia, but she was so severely injured that she eventually succumbed to her wounds and died, leaving Chin grief-stricken and completely devastated.

Why was Chin Ho Kelly killed?

The man known to millions of television viewers as detective Chin Ho Kelly has died. Hawaii Five-O star Kam Fong Chun lost his battle with lung cancer on October 18th. Kam Fong Chun was 84-years-old.

Did Danny die on Hawaii Five O?

Unfortunately, there’s a fifth guard. He shoots Danny, who is immediately rushed to the hospital by the entire Five-0 team. With Danny’s life hanging in the balance, a despairing McGarrett, who’s been dealing with parental ghosts and an existential crisis all season, goes to the chapel but can’t find solace there.

What does Steve McGarrett say at the end?

In the series finale, it looks like everything has come full circle for McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) as he says “see you later” — not “goodbye” to his ohana.

How did McGarrett die?

In the pilot episode, he was murdered by Victor Hesse which in turn led to the creation of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force as John’s son, Steve sought to avenge his father’s murder by killing Hesse.

Why did Adam and Kono break up?

Kono Framed For Murder Michael Noshimuri, Adam’s brother, framed Kono for the murder of Victor Asanuma in an attempt to break the couple apart and reinvigorate ties with the Yakuza.

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Who killed Chin Ho Kelly’s dad?

Kam Tong Kelly is Chin’s father. He was killed by Gabriel Waincroft before the show and was the reason Chin became a cop.

What episode does Chin Ho die?

The character was killed off in the season ten finale, ” A Death in the Family “.

Why did Kam Fong leave Hawaii 5o?

Why did Kam Fong leave the series? Kam Fong’s character Chin Ho Kelly was murdered in the final episode of the 10th season, “A Death in the Family.” At the Five-O convention in 1996, Kam said that he originally wanted Chin Ho to “retire gracefully,” and fought the idea of having his character murdered.

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