Often asked: How To Do You Say Shut Up In Laos?

How do you say shut up in a fancy way?

Synonyms of ‘shut up’

  1. hush.
  2. button it (slang)
  3. pipe down (slang) Just pipe down and I’ll tell you what I want.
  4. put a sock in it (British, slang)
  5. keep your trap shut (slang)
  6. cut the cackle (informal)
  7. button your lip (slang)

How do you say shut up in all languages?

In other languages shut up

  1. American English: shut up /ʃʌt ˈʌp/
  2. Arabic: يَسْكُتُ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: calar a boca.
  4. Chinese: 闭嘴
  5. Croatian: zašutjeti.
  6. Czech: zmlknout.
  7. Danish: holde mund.
  8. Dutch: zwijgen.

How do you say fart in Laos?

One in particular is ” naa min tort”. naa = face, min = smell, tort = fart. If someone has a stern or sour expression, the Lao will say “naa min tort’, meaning the person has an expression he/she has just smelt a bad fart.

What is the British slang for shut up?

Belt up – For some reason I heard this quite a lot as a kid. It’s the British for shut up. Bender – I used to go out on a bender quite frequently when I was at university. Luckily bender doesn’t only mean a gay man, it also means a pub crawl or a heavy drinking session.

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What we can say instead of shut up?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for shut up, like: be-quiet, quit chattering, stop talking, hush up, hush, shut, silence, dummy-up, close-up, close and keep-mum.

Is Tais Toi rude?

Using Not-So-Polite Phrases. Say “Tais-toi” to tell someone to be quiet. This phrase, as well as the other ones in this section, can be considered rude depending on how they’re used. “Tais-toi” isn’t too offensive, but it’s not very polite.

How do you say shut up in Asia?

shut up! (inf) 闭( 閉 )嘴!

How do you say shut up in Irish?

Shut up! = Éist do bhéal!

How do you say shut up in Swiss?

Shut up! Hopp Schwiiz! This phrasebook is an outline and needs more content.

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