FAQ: How To Obtain Laos Police Record?

How do I get my immigration police record?

If you’re applying from within the United States, you can generally access your court records directly from the court where your case was heard, while police records are usually available through the local police department that conducted the arrest or detention.

How do I get a police record from China?

If you are a citizen of China. You must apply at the Notary Public Office or at the local police station in the city/district where you live (on your Hukou booklet) for a Certificate of No Criminal Convictions and then get a notarized translation of your certificate.

How do I get a Jamaican police record from overseas?

To apply by mail

  1. a completed application for Police Record ( PDF, 203 KB )
  2. a cover letter indicating why you need a police certificate (immigration)
  3. 2 recent passport-size photographs.
  4. a copy of the front bio-data page of your passport.
  5. a complete set of fingerprints.
  6. a receipt for payment of the applicable fees.
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Can I get police clearance certificate from local police?

There are local Police Stations, Passport Offices, Passport SevaKendras, and Post Office Passport SevaKendras spread out across India and you can apply for a PCC to any of these offices falling in your jurisdiction.

How can I get police clearance online?

Here are the steps to get a police clearance online.

  1. Register for an Account via the National Police Clearance System. To get your police clearance online registration started, visit the NCPS website.
  2. Set an Online Appointment.
  3. Pay For the Police Clearance Fee.
  4. Go to Your Selected Police Station.

Can I work in China with a criminal record?

Criminal Record Checks. China’s visa regulations state that proof of no criminal record is required for foreign nationals applying for a work or resident permit. The Chinese government may ask for your Criminal Record Check to be legalised.

Do Chinese have birth certificates?

In China there are two types of birth certificates. When a baby is born, the family is issued a medical certificate of birth or the verification record. This is a government certified document issued by the local Notarial Office and is generally the only birth certificate that will be accepted abroad.

Can you travel to China if you have a criminal record?

The Embassy states that disclosure of a conviction would not automatically stop you from getting a visa but you should answer the question honestly so that you do not risk being turned away on arrival at the border or expelled after entry in China.

How long does a police record last in Jamaica?

Five (5) years.

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What’s the cost for a Jamaican police record?

The fees vary depending on how quickly you want to receive the police record: $3,000 for Regular Service – 21 working days; and $6,000 for Express Service for five working days. You can also pay 8,000 for Next Day Service, but this service is only available at the main office located at 34 Duke Street.

What shows on a police certificate?

What will Show on a Police Certificate? A Police Certificate will include details about all convictions, reprimands, warnings and cautions recorded by the police. If someone has never had a criminal record, or had their record expunged, their Police Certificate will simpy state “No Trace”.

How long is PCC valid?

What is the validity of the Police Clearance Certificate? A Police Clearance Certificate is considered valid for a period of 6 months.

How can I apply for police clearance certificate?

Respected Sir/Madam, This is a kind request for a police clearance certificate to me for the job purpose. This will really help me in my job appointment at XYZ solutions Pvt Ltd. I don’t have any criminal background so please check your database and kindly issue me a clearance certificate.

How many days does it take to get PCC?

Indian police clearance certificate is issued the same day (1 day) on your visit to Indian passport office if there is no need for police verification. If police verification is required, then it may take up-to 1 month. Indian PCC is issued after physical police visit to your address and a positive report.

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