Lao Visa Exemption

Citizens of Japan, the Republic of Korea, Russia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and some ASEAN member countries are exempted from Lao visa. The citizens of these countries (with valid passports) can enter Laos and stay for 15-30 days without a visa. For longer stay, a visa is required.

Are you a Lao expatriate planning a trip to Laos? There is a good news for you, read on.

Starting from 1 January 2011 you (as a Lao expat) can have a Lao visa stamped on your passort FREE of charge. See conditions below.

  1. 90-day visit visa - FREE of charge for the Lao expats in the following groups.

a. Age 65 years or older,

b. Age under 15 years,

c. Monks,

d. Physically and/or mentally disabled of all ages

If you are in one of the categories above, you can apply for a FREE visa either at a Lao embassy/consulate out side Laos or at Lao international airports, or Lao border crossing ponits (known as visa-on-arrival).

Further more you can get your visa extended at immigration office in Laos FREE OF CHARGE when your 90-day visa expires should you want to stay longer.

  1. Standard visa - FREE of charge for other Lao expats not belong to the groups (a-d) above.
  2. The only condition is that you MUST obtain the visa at a Lao embassy/consulate out side Laos.

    Holders of this visa will also pay no fee for visa extension (at the immigration offices in Laos).

  3. 60-day visa on arrival - NOT FREE
    If you are not in any of the groups (a-d) above and want to get a 60-day visa on arrival, you still need to pay the usual fee.
  4. However, if/when you get your visa extended at the immigration office in Laos you will only be charged half of the fee ($1/day). Full fee is $2/day.

For all types of visa, the applicants need to hold a valid passport and provide 2 passport type photos.

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