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There is no Laos Embassy in London or UK. The nearest embassy to the UK is in Paris, France. The nearest British embassy staff are in Bangkok. Trade office staff only are in the Lao capital, (PO Box 6626, Vientiane (856 21 413606).

Visas available at Attapeu checkpoint

Visas are now available on arrival at the Phoukeua international border checkpoint, which is located in Attapeu province at the border of Laos and Vietnam.

Categories of Laos visa

1. Diplomatic visas (A1)

Procedures for getting Laos visa at the border

In most ports of entry including the Lao international border crossing points and Lao International Airports

Lao Visa Exemption

Citizens of Japan, the Republic of Korea, Russia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and some ASEAN member countries are exempted from Lao visa.

Who CAN get Laos Visas on Arrival?

Everyone except for citizens of the countries listed below.

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Lao People's Democratic Republic is one of the Asia's most enchanting destinations. Landlocked by Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and China, this stunning natural beauty - with mist-shrouded mountain peaks flanked by jungle-clad valleys teeming with wildlife - combined with a fascinating Buddhist culture to make Laos a superb destination for backpackers and independent travelers. Until 1988 tourists were not allowed access to Communist Laos, but the country has now opened up and it is perfectly feasible to travel all over the country, preferably with a recognized tour company. The number of tourists is expected to continue increasing over the next few years
The last decade has witnessed an explosion in development as businesses -- some Lao, some foreign -- mushroom to cater to the swelling crowds.

Laos is changing fast, but pockets remain well off-the-beaten-track, ready to be explored by adventure travelers willing to forego the usual tourist luxuries. Those who want to experience a real taste of rural Southeast Asian life will be delighted.

Incredibly romantic Luang Prabang should be considered a must see, with its glittering temples, saffron-robed monks, and sleepy riverine lifestyle. The pace has moved up a notch since the tourists have arrived, as slick cafes jostle for space with chic boutiques showcasing the best Laotian wares: intricate weavings, elaborate silver trinkets and specialty foods.

The bustling capital Vientiane tempts many, as does the thriving tourist centre of Vang Vieng. The limestone crags and riverside scenery remain gorgeous despite the mass of travelers.
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